Why Do Many Cultures Suggest White Wedding Dresses?

White wedding dresses have become the most favorite dresses for weddings. Most brides around the world choose these light-colored dresses to be worn in their special day. In many culture, white dresses are also suggested for weddings because of its meanings. So now, this article will show you why white dresses are so favorited by many cultures.

White Wedding Dresses in History

Weddings first existed as part of many cultures centuries ago. However, that time, white wedding dresses were not always worn. Only 180 years ago, white dresses started being used for weddings and were considered as a modern invention. The use included the wearing of the veil, garter, bouquet, and more traditions. There are some speculations about why white dresses become so popular for weddings up until now. And, Queen Victoria from the United Kingdom was the one who introduced these beautiful pieces to public by wearing one of them to marry Prince Albert. That happened in 1840 but the influenced remains until now.

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Another reason why white dresses are so popular is the connotation of virginity it brings. White is considered symbolizing the innocence and purity of girlhood. This value grows in Europe. And, lastly, white, in Europe, was first considered a sign of the wealth and nobility of someone. Not many people could afford white dresses due to its expensive prices. And, it was seriously difficult to keep the expensive wedding dresses clean. But now, things have changed. White dresses are no longer as expensive as they were before and there are various techniques to keep them clean. In fact, white dresses are now coming with a wide range of designs and accessories. Many designers make their wedding dresses in white. And, some models are so good for certain body type. Have consultation with experts for the best white wedding dresses.

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