The Most Adorable, Expensive Wedding Dresses

If you have enough budgets for your wedding dresses, you may go for those expensive wedding dresses. The expensive dresses often come in a great range of designs, styles and colors. You can go for something non-traditional, and even extraordinary out of the traditional white wedding dresses. But, quality and uniqueness come with price. If the average price for a dress costs $1,211, the expensive dresses can be much more than that. These wedding dresses are usually worn by celebrity brides. They spend like $20,000 up to $1.5 million for their phenomenal dress. And sure, this dress is unforgettable by the public.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

When talking about expensive wedding dresses, we cannot miss the celebrated designer Vera Wang. Her wedding dresses are often listed in the most expensive list ever. One of her memorable works is the Peacock Dress. This dress is designed in 2019 and costs $1.5 million, the most expensive wedding dress ever. Rumors say that this dress was made for Jennifer Lopez wedding. However, the rumors did not really happen to real. There is no information about if Jennifer could get her deposit back for this extraordinary dress.The Peacock Dress is not something you can often see in the public. It is made of quality materials including 2009 male peacock feathers. It has a long and round train that makes it look so elegant.

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Of course, aside of Vera Wang’s works, there are many other dresses by other designers that are worth considering. However, you must be careful that your wedding dress should take around 10% of your entire budget except you want to cut off some allocations for other wedding posts. You can always seek inspirations from celebrity weddings to make these exclusive wedding dresses. And, your bridal fashion designer or bridal consultant will be the two most suitable partners to work closely with you for your dream expensive wedding dresses.

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